Welcome to the Reading Room Association of Gouverneur!

In case you were wondering,

Goat Storytime was a rousing success!

We had 61 children and 20 adults in attendance

Thanks, so much, to Jessica and Mr. Tinkles*,

who were the best-behaved and cutest goats ever!

Watch this space for the next big thing

happening at the library**

I think we should have sloth storytime

Does anyone have a sloth?


*Told you our goats were cuter.  Bonus: We had Goats in Coats


**  If you really want to know what's coming in the future, click on any underlined date on the calendar (you can even check future calendars--no time machine required).  When you click on any underlined date, you'll find out what's going on.  If you click on the name of the event, that'll give you more detail.  This summer, we'll Build a Better World with Legos, monsters, puppets, and more.  Maybe even Lego Monsters, because that would be cool.